Installation and maintenance advice

Installation and maintenance advice for timber products for the home and outdoor spaces: Cladding, Patio, Panelling, Fencing.

Many natural factors have an impact on the evolution of outdoor timber products and influence their appearance and durability over time:
/ Facade exposure
/ Weather conditions
/ The proximity of certain types of vegetation
/ The presence or not of a finish
/ The location in a dense urban zone or a coastal zone

Good practices

Similarly to all materials used outdoors, timber cladding, patios and fencing are subject to natural changes.
In order to best protect these products and their appearance, with or without a finish, we recommend regular cleaning using a soft brush,
neutral pH soap and clean water. We recommend regularly checking their appearance to detect the signs of natural
alteration as soon as possible and to quickly provide the necessary care.

Installation advices

Installation advice for wood siding installation tongue-groove
Installation advice for wood siding installation openwork

Maintenance advices

Natural wood care advice
Saturated wood maintenance advice
Painted wood maintenance advice